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Now is the time to make your next career move to Somalia as a foreign national

Somalia has undergone several years of Civil War, during this period, the county was virtually shut down for foreign national, often, due to fear of the death.Apart from tourist visiting the country mostly during the winter for sunshine,Somalia’s doors were closed for foreign workers. Now that the country had a smooth transition, several foreign nationals are eying the country as their next work destination. The country is extending its tentacles to foreign experts,engineers, IT technician to help move forward the National Development Plan, which is earmark for major infrastructural development. As result, there are visible,growing needs of expert workers in key sectors of the economy such as tourism,fisheries, agriculture and construction. For instance, the number estate agencies and property developers in the country has increased impressively. Several NGOs has recently opened offices in the country since the advent of a government in 2017 and are also providing employment for international expats.

Therefore,if you think of coming to work in the Somalia, there are several opportunities to tab from. To search for job, check the online magazine, job websites such as, there are also other recruiting agencies. It is advisable to contact them for expert advice before relocating.

It is also important to note Somalia has visa exemption or entry clearance status with several countries. This includes members of the commonwealth, the EU and ECOWAS. Click to view list visa entry status for foreign nationals provided by Somalia Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Citizens of many foreign countries can often enter Somalia and stay for period of 90 days maximum after which they are required regularize their status. Other foreign nationals who meet the requirement can be issued a stamp on arrival at Aden Adde International Airport or other entry points which is valid for 28 days which extended several times.

Remember it is illegal to work in the Somalia as foreign national without a work permit. Apart from persons possessing “special Immigration Status” all other foreign nationals require a residential and work permit in order to reside or work in The Somalia. The process of applying for permit is easy. Residency and work permits are issued by Somalia Immigration department. There are several categories of permits that you may apply such as Residential Permit (Non ECOWAS) and Residence Permit B ECOWAS. For more information on how to apply for work permit and the fees to pay click here and for residency permit click here.

Note: Work Permit and Residence Permit (alien ID card) are applied separately and both are needed to work. Remember to carry them at all times.

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