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Terms Of Reference for electronic Midwifery Management System

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  1. Introduction

With the support of UNFPA, Somalia has come a long way in improving maternal and newborn health. The Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) of Somalia has reduced from 1044 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in 2012 to 691 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2020. Besides multiple investments contributed by the international communities UNFPA was the lead agency to support live saving interventions and the establishment of 15 Midwifery Schools across the country to reduce maternal mortality rate in the country.

Midwifery associations have an important role in several aspects such as professionalization, developing neonatal health, reducing maternal-fetal mortality, planning labor, professional recognition, planning legislative regulations, developing the profession, and offering quality birth services.

Midwifery workforce planning is important in ensuring that the recruitment, training and deployment of midwives are conducted in the most efficient way possible. However, in Somalia, Midwifery workforces’ data are limited, inconsistent, outdated, or unavailable. Consequently, policy-makers are unable to use reliable data to make informed decisions about the midwifery workforce development electronic midwifery registration system (EMMS) enable the midwifery association to collect, maintain, and analyze midwifery workforce data.

UNFPA is supporting Somali midwives’ associations to enable the profession of midwifery to progress, gain autonomy, be legally protected and become more professional. In order for the associations in Somalia to operate effectively, it is recommended that their membership is increased through electronic Midwifery Registration System so as to represent more midwives and thus gain more political power and to advance evidence-based applications in midwifery care.

  1. Objectives
  • To Support Somali’s transition from a paper filing system of midwife graduates to an Electronic Midwifery Management System (EMMS) capable of providing information about country-specific midwifery workforce questions in terms of distribution, employment and education background.
  • To strengthen SLNMA developed registration database and implement an EMMS that tracks Midwifery workforce data at the midwife’s association’s membership database and register all midwives in to the EMMS.
  • To Contribute the development of the midwifery regulation system in Somalia.
  • Process

The EMMS will be able to do following functions

  1. Register facilities in country (Midwifery Schools)
  2. Registering and profiling UNFPA trained midwives in the country
  • Midwives will be able to register themself from online
  • Midwife Association/School Management will be able to verify
  • UNFPA Approves the registration
  1. Midwife membership association registration country wide
  2. Verify midwife credentials, membership and recognition
  3. Enable forum that midwives share their success stories, challenges and solutions to overcome professional obstacles.

Figure 1. process to adapt and further expand the current midwifery registration Database and register all practicing Somali Midwife graduates.










Obtain Success

Midwife Histories

  • Electronic Midwifery Registration system in Place.
  • Induction training conducted on the use of the developed EMMS
  • All midwife graduates registered in the EMMS by the midwife associations
  • Establish an environment in which legislation and professional regulation of midwives can be employed to enhance efforts to reduce maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality and improve reproductive health status of Somali women


Skills and Qualifications


How to apply

  • Send your CV, Interest letter, workplan and Financial Proposal outlining how you meet the qualifications above in one PDF document, ensuring that your name and the title “-ELECTRNIC MIDWIFERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ” are included in the file name.
  • Send your documents by email to
  • Deadline for applications is 21st November, 2022
  • This job has expired!

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