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Terms Of Reference for Consultancy Service for The Development of Operational Manuals for Somali Child Right Coalition

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The Somalia Child Rights coalition is an umbrella of civil society organizations that solely focuses on the promoting child rights through advocacy and direct engagement with wide ranging stakeholders across the country. The coalition was structurally established as an independent multi-sectorial coalition that mandate to advance and promote child rights agenda in the country including working with the Somalia national federal and state level government institutions in advancing child rights agenda through program interventions and policies aligned with the international child rights instruments such as the convention of rights of children (UNCRC).

Somalia Child Rights Coalition has operated in Somalia for over ten years, though not adequately guided by a formal plan or structure. The leaders of the consortium therefore decided to formally develop a strategic plan for the year 2022 to 2026, in order to organize its activities as well as giving Children’s rights its rightful recognition and respect in the social-economic platform of Somalia. Children are among the most vulnerable sections of the society owing to the level of their mental and physical maturity preventing them from protecting their own rights and interests. One of the most heinous act against children is rape which is aggravated due to poverty, physical inability of the child to defend themselves and sometimes cultural and traditions practices. Others include beatings, child labour, child trafficking, denial of education and health care among many other social and financial deprivations and injustices that children suffer in their daily lives.

The Somalia child right coalition has been heavily engaged in the process of demanding accountability in public and private investment in child rights, monitoring and influencing the implementation of child-related policies and laws by Federal Republic of Somalia. Somalia Child Rights Coalition has operated in Somalia for over eight years. More than 28 organization in south central Somalia agreed establishment of coalition on march 20, 2016 Mostly those organization were come from (Benadir, Southwest state, Galmudug, Hirshabelle and Jubaland)

The coalition is currently restructuring and is undergoing transition process that will culminate into full fledge independent institutions that serves all its member organizations. As such the coalition intends to seek the services of an independent consultancy firm who will be able to provide consultancy service regarding the development critical operational manuals/policies on Human Resources and Administration, logistic and supply; and financial management.

  1. Purpose

The purpose of hiring the services of the consultancy firm is to develop operational manuals/procedures for financial policy and procedures manual, Human Resource Manual (HR)and Logistic and procurement manual with the aim for improved operational efficiency and effectiveness contributing towards appropriate internal controls, transparency and accountability to program participants, donor and stakeholders.

  • Objectives and Specific Undertaken by the Consultancy firm/Individual Consultant

The overall objective of this consultancy is to develop the following operational manual

  1. Financial policy and procedures manual, II. Human Resource Manual (HR)
  • Logistic and procurement manual.

The objective of the development of the above operational manuals will increase operational efficiency and effectiveness of the coalition including its internal control systems and its accountability towards its member organization. The coalition as an independent entity will need to manage its resources and engage with its members and donors hence the criticality of having its system for proper guideline and standards to operate with. The manuals will enable the coalition to functional properly and have systematized organizational documents that guide its work. As the services will be required on need-basis; therefore, depending upon the nature of assignment, Somali Child right coalition will share specific ToRs for the relevant assignment pertaining to financial policy and procedures manual, Human Resource Manual (HR)and Logistic and procurement manual with the pre-qualified consultants/consultancy firms to submit their technical and financial proposal

Human Resource (HR) Manual:

The overall objective is to develop a context-specific, compatible Human Resource Management (HRM) manual in line with international best practices, local laws and consolidate HR policies, procedures and practices in a single document for ease of reference, as well as include user-friendly HR related forms, templates and procedures, to meet the HRM needs of local NGOs. The purpose is to enhance the HR system of the selected in the domain of recruitment, selection and management of staff with systematic policies and procedures in place for an overall effective HR recruitment regime including staffing level, HR file, setting a grading structure, hiring of staff with clear procedures to ensure that the necessary human resources and support systems are in place for rapid and effective recruitment and mobilization during emergency response. The HR policies provide in-depth guidance on non-discriminatory and an equitable hiring process that promote gender equality and hiring of qualified staff with requisite knowledge, skills and credentials. In addition, provide templates/format that are required for overall recruitment cycle and staff management encompassing staff requisitions, JDs, contracts, staff management, performance review and overall HR file.

  1. Financial Management Manual:

The overall objective is to develop a Financial Management manual to streamline the financial management function of the selected NGOs, compatible to the financial portfolio. Based on the identified gaps, the selected consultant(s) will analyze the accounting and financial management requirements of the local NGOs, develop and recommend an appropriate financial manual to ensure proper processing, accounting, management and reporting of project funds and transactions with improved internal controls to ensure accountability to program participants, stakeholders and donors. At a minimum, the Financial Management Manual must include consistent and uniform accounting policies, accounting of transactions with adequate controls, guidance on authority of delegation and segregation of duties, payment, cash and bank management, documentation requirements for payment and expenses, asset management, payroll process, security for cash management etc. In addition, provide user-friendly templates/formats relevant to financial management activities.

  1. Logistic and procurement manual :

The overall objective is to provide a consistent, fair and transparent interpretation of logistic and procurement policies with improved internal controls and accountability, compatible to local laws and procurement and logistic-related needs. At a minimum, the logistic manual must include policies and procedures for overall procurement cycle, procurement thresholds, acquisition of goods/services, storage or warehouse management, transport management, basic assets management, record keeping with due consideration to humanitarian imperative in case of emergency situation. In addition, provide logistic related template for overall procurement cycle and as per the logistic needs of local NGOs

  1. Outputs

Following are the intended outcomes; however these may vary depending upon the needs/specific assignment for which the consultant is engaged by the coalition

  • Develop a basic understanding on the concept, scope of work and required deliverables. This can be achieved by conducting desk review of existing literature (policies/SoPs/guidelines available within Coalition
  • Based on the literature review/discussion, develop an outline of all the manuals or relevant selected manual(s) and share with coalition for review. After incorporating the received feedback (if any), share the final approved version of the outline, specifying the contents and brief note/guidelines for each section within the manual.
  • Based on the approved outline, develop the manual/SOPs related to HR, Finance, and procurement and Logistic depending upon the needs and engagement with selected consultant(s). Somali child right coalition will review the initial draft and share feedback (if any) after which the Consultant will share the final version.
  • Develop a standard template/forms/tools for each function i.e. HR, Finance, Logistic, Security Management, separately attached to each manual as an appendix in easy to use and editable form. Also provide brief guidelines on how and when to fill each section of the standard templates. Somali child right coalition will then review the draft; Consultant will incorporate feedback and share the final version of all the templates.
  1. Consultant Essential and Desirable Expertise/Experience:
  • Institutional operational experience of consultancy services of at least ten (5) years;
  • Previous proven work experience with INGOs/UN relevant to similar assignment
  • Human resource capacity of consultancy firm with available/potential staff for the proposed assignments. Staff with required credential, knowledge and skills separately for each required assignments (Financial Management, HR, Logistic The proposed human resource must also include a staff with strong communication/reporting, editing/proof-reading skills

Skills and Qualifications

Educational Requirements

Candidates are expected to have at least:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Financial Management, Accounting, Human Resource and Procurement and Logistics
  • Possess an internationally recognized certification in Financial Management, Public Accounting OR equivalent qualifications.
  • Previously experience in the development of similar manuals/guideline and knowledge of organizational

Professional Requirements

Candidates are expected to have:

  • Four years’ experience in providing consulting services in the field of design, development of Finance and Accounting manuals, HR and Logistics
  • High degree of computer literacy, and intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Package (Excel, Word), and have some experiences in using accounting software such as (but not limited to) QuickBooks would be an advantage;
  • Demonstrated ability to work within a multi-disciplinary international team of experts;
  • Full command of the English language with prior experience and proven capacity for excellent oral and written communication/documentation in the development of Finance and Accounting reporting guidelines.

How to apply

Applicants wishing to express their interest in undertaking the prescribed work are to email or otherwise submit:

  1. An expression of interest with technical proposal outlining expertise , experience in the

areas of services required; work-plan , CV for the consultant and financial proposal

  1. Submit a proposed timeline schedule base on deliverables
  2. Any other documents that closely demonstrates the experience and competence, included but not restricted to:
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Provide at least three (3) most recent assignments completed in relation to the development of financial and accounting guidelines

EOI’s should be clearly identified as Consultancy for Development of Operational Manuals for Somali Child right coalition” and submitted as PDF files via email to the following email address:

The deadline for the submission of EOI’s is on or before 12:00am 18th  November 2022.

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