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Consultancy to Review and Update CSOs Strategic Plans, Contingency plans, and Organizational Systems

Consultancy to Review and Update CSOs Strategic Plans, Contingency plans, and Organizational Systems

  1. Background:

Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO) is a Somaliland National; Non-Profit registered NGO whose mandate is to promote the country’s development agenda in regard to youth and women economic empowerment, human rights, peace building and conflict resolution to create enabling environment for development, advocate for good governance and gender equity.

SOYVO desires to be a sustainable organization in the realization of elimination of poverty and enhancement of socio-economic environment in which people enjoy peace and prosperity and rule of law. The mission is to address the root causes of poverty and suffering through appropriate interventions such as income generating schemes; capacity building; peace building; promotion of social services; food security; human rights and advocacy; and partnership in order that vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized people are empowered to participate effectively in achieving livelihood security and realizing their rights to live with dignity and self-respect

SOYVO will review and update its strategic and contingency plans, as well as its organizational systems. The goal is to review its vision and mission, existing programs, and strategic priorities, and to develop goals, objectives, and strategies to guide program implementation over the next five years.

SOYVO is looking for a technical expert to help develop the strategic plan, contingency plans, and organizational systems framework, as well as lead the strategic planning process. The goal is to evaluate SOYVO’s current programs and define the organization’s future direction and priorities. In order to develop the final strategic planning, contingency plans, and organizational system document, the consultant will conduct a desk review of the external context, become acquainted with SOYVO existing programs, and consult with staff members and other stakeholders.

  1. Objectives:

The overall objective of the technical expert is to support SOYVO in defining the future direction, strategy, and priorities of the organization’s programs, as well as in achieving its mandate by evaluating and revising its programmatic strategy, management systems, and organizational policies/capabilities. Also, to improve CSOs’ organizational advocacy strategies and capacities to effectively advocate for inclusive disaster management and bring about structural and long-term changes in communities, local governments, and central government institutions.

  • Specific Objectives:

The specific objective of this consultancy is:

  • Review the current strategic plan, contingency plan, and organizational systems to identify areas of weakness and develop comprehensive plans.
  • Assess the current organizational structure and functions and propose a fit-for-purpose organizational structure with a distinct complementary roles management model.
  • Evaluate current institutional capacities, policies, and systems to identify areas of weakness and organizational development milestones that are clear and attainable.
  • Develop organizational advocacy strategies and capacities to effectively advocate for inclusive disaster management
  1. Scope of Work:
  • Familiarization with SOYVO and its existing programs, including review of organizational documents and meetings with key personnel.
  • Examine SOYVO’s existing vision, mission, and strategic objectives in relation to its overall mandate to determine strategic alignment.
  • Examine current Disaster Risk Management (DRM) sector policies and regulations to see if they support SOYVO’s mandate.
  • Examine the organizational functions and operations to identify any gaps.
  • Examine the organization’s current operations and performance in relation to its organizational strengths, challenges, opportunities, and threats (SCOT Analysis).
  • Based on the mission, strategic objectives, and SCOT analysis, recommend the organization’s most appropriate operational model(s).
  • Establishment of an organizational performance framework that identifies key outputs and outcomes, performance indicators, and targets.
  • improve CSO’s organizational advocacy strategies and capacities to effectively advocate for inclusive disaster management
  • Create a comprehensive Strategic Review Report outlining the assessment’s findings and recommendations for the best solution to achieve the Organization’s key humanitarian and development goals.
  1. Deliverables:
  • Inception Report
  • Strategic planning, contingency plan and organizational system framework
  • Final Advocacy plan
  • Implementation action plan
  • Final strategic plan


Skills and Qualifications

  • Firm/individual is expected to have at least 5 years of developing organizational systems and policies.
  • Can demonstrate her/his training approach which is applicable to illiterate people
  • Female individuals are strongly encouraged

How to apply

Interesting firms and individuals should submit a proposal that includes

  1. A brief profile of the firm/Individual and the CV of the lead clearly highlight the bidder’s suitability and capacity for the provision of services required.
  2. Contact information for three professional references with whom the prospective vendor has provided similar services in the two years.
  3. A summary of the proposed approaches and methodology and a detailed work plan for the effective delivery of the activities.
  4. Work agenda of the consultant covering the 45 days of the consultancy.
  5. Proof previous similar assignments are done.
  6. A financial bid for incorporating the 45 Days level of effort and broken down to show the bidder’s daily rate and logistical costs mentioned above in the objectives section.

Interested consultants or firms are expected to submit their applications, updated CVs of individuals to conduct the study or profile of applying company to the following

E-mail address:  before 15th November 2022 at 12:00 PM

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